Outdoor Light Up 'I DO' Letters
Outdoor Waterproof Light Up Letters
Outdoor LOVE Letters
Weatherproof Outdoor Marquee Letters
Outdoor Marquee LOVE Letters
Outdoor Light Up Marquee Letters
Waterproof Light Up Marquee Letters
Outdoor Light Up LOVE Letters
All Prices are the total cost to hire, no hidden charges, includes delivery, set up and collection within Kent. (Other areas may incur an extra delivery charge)

Outdoor Weatherproof 4FT Light Up Letters &numbers

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 1 Letter/Number/Character £150

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 2 Letters/Numbers/Characters £160

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 3 Letters/Numbers/Characters £210

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 4 Letters/Numbers/Characters £250

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 5 Letters/Numbers/Characters £335

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 6 Letters/Numbers/Characters £395

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 7 Letters/Numbers/Characters £455

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 8 Letters/Numbers/Characters £520

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 9 Letters/Numbers/Characters £585

Outdoor 4ft Light Up 10+ Letters/Numbers/Characters POA



5ft LOVE Letters £180 (NOT LIGHT UP)

Remember, All prices are inclusive of delivery, set up and collection anywhere in Kent.

Outdoor Marquee LOVE Letters

Outdoor Marquee LOVE Letters